Anime Baka

Anime - Japanese Animation
Baka - Japanese word for idiot or fool

Loosely put an Anime Baka is someone who's crazy about Anime. However interpretation's may vary. I tend to think of Anime Baka as meaning something like drooling fan boy/girl.


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Wrote this a long time ago. Too short for an article:
Perverted - Hentai in Japanese. But the word pervert means deviation from normal or accepted. So, how can all guys be perverts?

Did you ever notice that the sex scene in the movie is generally at about the same realative place as the guitar solo in a song?

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2009-12-08 Safeway Sucks!
This has bothered me for some time. I finally got around to writing about it. Safeway leaves it's lights on at night when they are closed. Not only that, but they generally don't post their hours on the store entrance. As they do stocking at night there are always a bunch of cars in their lot. It's a hit or miss thing, you never know if their open or not as there is no visual clue. There are three Safeways in town, I don't remember each of their hours, not that they post a visual reminder when I walk in anyways.

I've complained about this to them and they say that they want you to know where they are no matter what time and it's important advertising. I really feel it's negative advertising. If I drive to a store and the lights are on and cars are in the parking lot and the door is locked after I park, walk across the entrance and try the door, they make me feel like a moron and I don't like it. It certainly doesn't make happy to be a Safeway customer.

Other than that I pretty much like the place. I often pick up meat there cheaper than at "discount" stores. I wish they'd carry Clover brand milk though. Clover is good to their cows. Perhaps they'll read this.


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