Anime Baka

Anime - Japanese Animation
Baka - Japanese word for idiot or fool

Loosely put an Anime Baka is someone who's crazy about Anime. However interpretation's may vary. I tend to think of Anime Baka as meaning something like drooling fan boy/girl.


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Wrote this a long time ago. Too short for an article:
Perverted - Hentai in Japanese. But the word pervert means deviation from normal or accepted. So, how can all guys be perverts?

Did you ever notice that the sex scene in the movie is generally at about the same realative place as the guitar solo in a song?

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2009-07-04 Clearlake (Lakeport) Fireworks - Boat Trip
We were supposed to go for a Cruise on Lake Sonoma last weekend, but the boat did not start. So we really tried to get it running as I'd always wanted to go to the Lakeport Fireworks show. My dad and I troubleshooted it and then took the starter off and had it re-built. We got it back on Thursday and it ran. I really tried to get my Dad to come along for the trip but he wouldn't come because he was worried about medical issues my aunt was having.

So we loaded up the truck and struck out for Clearlake Saturday. I wanted to get up there in time for the cardboard and duct tape boat race, but it was not in the cards. The truck boiled over twice. Apparently it only had water in the radiator which had never been an issue before. I had enough water with us, mostly in the boat water tank, to fill it up (twice) and when we got to Lakeport I bought some coolant/anti-freeze and filled it up.

We then headed down to the ramp and put in. Fortunately I had got the muscle inspection sticker via mail so we didn't have to mess with that, but I did have to walk eight blocks back from a parking place. We tooled around the lake a little and then headed back to Lakeport were everyone was congregating.

The fireworks were amazing. The mosquitoes were buzzing (bring OFF or Cutter next year). The weeds were gumming up everyones props. We had a great time watching and bevy and I managed to take a bunch of pictures although how many came out is not known yet. There must have been two hundred boats out there but there wasn't much wind and we didn't drift very much at all. It was a great show. I think Disneyland surpasses it, but not by much.

After the show I waited for the boats to clear a bit and headed in to the Lakeport public dock. I couldn't find any rules posted and asked the sheriff; he didn't seem sure ether but said we should be ok overnight. I had to beg use of a can opener off another cruiser, but we managed to have a nice dinner and then went to sleep. Our only problem was some kids setting off fire crackers in the park till the wee hours.

Well we had some oatmeal Sunday morning and then headed on out to tour the lake. We went to Dorn cove that Debbie had suggested for a nice anchorage and then went on the Ferdales and I got Bevy a coke and some night crawlers to replace the ones I accidently baked. Our next stop was Konocti harbor inn where I got us some Ice Cream cones. We then went out by these neat little islands and tried fishing.

We didn't have any luck and the engine was acting temperamental (I think I need to rebuild the carb) so we headed back intending to stop for lunch at Nice. Well I screwed up and we found ourselves in Lakeport. They should really have signs on the towns to let you know where you are. Next time I'll bring the GPS from the car. So we puttered around Lakeport a bit and then put in.

Afterwards we drove to Robinson's Casino and had the lunch buffet and Bevy won over $100. I went back out to the boat and read manga in the shade.

Notes for future reference:
  • Boat didn't leak much with no water in the bladder. I think the leaks are mostly in the bow, should be easy to seal. There was too little water in the bilge to even active the pump after 24 hours on the lake. No real heavy waves to push water up there.
  • Truck rear tank is 14 gallons with perhaps a half gallon reserve. We were getting about 9mpg towing.
  • When the rear tank gauge fluctuates it's time to fill up now!
  • Get a can opener in the boat.
  • Boat alternator only puts out 12.5 or so volts. Get it rebuilt.
  • I want to rebuild the Boat Carb. Accelerator pump seems to have issues.
  • Put a fuel filter after the tee.
  • Remember to clean the alcohol stove and get that second burner working.


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