Anime Baka

Anime - Japanese Animation
Baka - Japanese word for idiot or fool

Loosely put an Anime Baka is someone who's crazy about Anime. However interpretation's may vary. I tend to think of Anime Baka as meaning something like drooling fan boy/girl.


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Wrote this a long time ago. Too short for an article:
Perverted - Hentai in Japanese. But the word pervert means deviation from normal or accepted. So, how can all guys be perverts?

Did you ever notice that the sex scene in the movie is generally at about the same realative place as the guitar solo in a song?

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Anime - MD GEIST -1 out 5

Is negative one star even a rating? I could have tried 0 *, but somehow -* felt better. Don't know what I'm going to do on the poll.

What can I say about this. Everyone into anime should at least watch it to know the depths of hell, and not in a good way.

MD stands for Most Dangerous, goofy huh?

He's some sort of engineered super warrior. He was imprisoned in a satellite that eventually crashes back to earth. In one of the opening shots he crushes a pocket watch and it crumbles into dust. Dust? Metal doesn't crumble into dust. Superman can't even do that. And yet this is the logic that we're forced to bear in the first couple minutes. It's a sad strange forshadowing.

There is a female character in this show who you start to like. She is interesting. She dies quickly and for no reason.

The whole anime is about Gesit killing people and blowing things up. He doesn't particularly care about this, it's just what he does. At one point he invokes a huge robotic doomsday device just to have something to fight with.

Perhaps there are worse anime out there somewhere. This one makes Sailor and the 7 Balls look profound. Guess I should review that one sometime also. You probably should watch this and you'll probably hate it as much as I do.


I wouldn't say I hate this anime. I wasn't pissed off that an hour and a half of my life was gone after watching it, but maybe I should have been? It's one of those things that's so bad it's almost funny. What's even funnier is reading the reviews on sites like Amazon where people say it was so cool and bad ass. I would have to say it removes the "ass" from "bad ass".


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